Florida Criminal Law Guide

Answers to your Florida criminal law questions.

Habitual Traffic Offender Status

Habitual Traffic Offender is a designation given by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to a driver who has committed three qualifying offenses within a five year period. Such offenses include Driving While Licenses Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked, a misdemeanor of the Second...
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Bond Pretrial release

Once you’ve been released on bond or on your own recognizance you must abide by any restrictions the Judge has imposed. These restrictions are referred to as conditions of pretrial release and can include restrictions such as no consumption of alcohol. It...
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Reasons for a Failed Prosecution

There are many reasons the state can become unable to proceed with a criminal prosecution. The state may have insufficient evidence to satisfy the elements of the crime, there could be favorable defense evidence, there could be conflicts in witness testimony, there...
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